Before starting the design process there were several aspects to think about. First, the brand needed a position in the booming Smart home market. In order to achieve this, I analyzed the competitors using fixed criteria, such as technology, price class, target group (private users or business solutions) and the design of the brand and the app. Next, I conducted user research to coordinate the values and characteristics of the users with the brand. I tried to separate the brand ‚lipo‘ from other suppliers, pointed out unique strengths and developed a unique tonality for the brand.

When priorities are set on the technical development of a digital product, it often isn't easy to give a young start-up it's own identity. However, next to having a convincing product, it needs an attractive design to stand out in the mass of suppliers and to reach the brand's main target group. After my analysis, I designed a logotype built from customized forms. The logo is bold, easy and unique, allowing it to stand out from the other brands in the market. The brand’s visual language is supported through a 'rising-sun' element.

The main task was to design a modern style for the brand and help to enter the national market, as well as enhance the users' loyalty to the product. To show that the brand experience can work, I also designed several interfaces related to the brand's design strategy.

During the design process, I also designed Interfaces for the lipo app. Applications for Smart home solutions are in daily use and should be intuitive and easy to use. The goal was to have many shortcuts and information on one screen without losing usability. Therefore, on main screen you can switch the light on/off, turn on various light modes or check the power consumption.